Staying in Padova and a day trip to the Carnevale di Venezia

Another good thing about Padova is its convenient geographic position:  only 30 min away from Vicenza, Italy’s famous jewellery city, 1 hour away from Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet, and only 45 min. away from Venice.

Venice, which is  in the Carneval fever these days.

B&B Carnevale di Venezia 2

The atmosphere at Piazza San Marco and at the Canale Grande, just to name two famous places, is contagious and puts you automatically into this romantic, mysterious mood which accompanies you all the way through the small streets along the  Venetian channels. The Carneval season is famous for the many life performances of Italian and International artists and it is amazing as it can happen that you just drop into one of these street shows as you walk along from “campo” to “campo”. Many of these events are spontaneous  and not announced in advance.

As I said, it is good to know Padova close by. A day journey to Venice from Padova can be planned in no time. Get ready for the day in the breakfast room of the B&B al millepede;

  • By SITA bus it takes less than one hour to arrive at “Piazzale Roma”, where all the buses stop and from where you can start exploring Venice by foot.

bus Sita padova venezia

  • By train from Padova to Venice train station . Another convenient way to travel to Venice, it takes about an hour as well and the train drops you off at the “stazione ferroviaria di Venezia”, from where you start walking along the Venetian channels.

orari treni



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