How to explore Padova by bike? Get to know GOODBIKE Padova!

A new service of bike sharing in Padova. 25 stations around the city center give you the possibility to get to know the city on two wheels. You can pick up your bike in one station and drop it off at any of the stations you like, as long as there is space to put it down. Thanks to the electronic card you can use your bike every day 24 hours.


And this is how it works:
If you are already in Padova it might be easier to go to the GoodBikePadova office in via Altinate to buy your electronic card, otherwise you can also buy it online on

Here are the various contracts you can choose from:

  • yearly: € 25,00 including the first obligatory recharge of € 5,00
    monthly: € 10,00 including the first obligatory recharge of € 2,00
    weekly: € 5,00 including the first obligatory recharge of € 2,00
    4FORYOU: € 8,00 including 4 hours of credit without the possibility of recharge

On expiry of the card, the remaining credit can not be refunded but it will be added to your new card in case you renew your contract within 30 days from the expiry date.

Insurance: The holder of a card can get insurance (RCT) that will protect him in case of responsability towards third parties. Annual RCT: € 5,00

Bike fees:
GOODBIKE PADOVA is free of charge for all rides of less than 30 minutes, even several times a day.
If you use it for more than 30 minutes in one ride, there will be a fee to pay depending on the contract you have chosen and which will be charged from your GoodBikePadova card.

  • 1st half hour: free of charge
    2nd half hour: € 0,50
    2nd hour: + € 1,50
    3rd hour and all following: + € 2,00/h

The contract 4FORYOU with a 4 hour credit only can not be recharged.



Inserisci i tuoi dati qui sotto o clicca su un'icona per effettuare l'accesso:


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